HIGS . . .

The newest accelerator facility operated by TUNL is the HIGS at the Duke Free Electron Laser Laboratory (DFELL). The DFELL houses an accelerator based photon source in a 52,000 square-foot facility. There are two types of primary photon beams available at the DFELL: the HIGS with energies from 2 to 60 MeV and an optical beam with continuous tunable wavelength from IR to VUV. Both photon beam types are produced by an electron storage ring free electron laser (FEL) and its undulators.

Mail and Other Deliveries

US Mail Address :
Duke University,
Physics Department/TUNL
P.O. Box 90308
Durham, NC 27708-0308
Courier Deliveries:
Duke University, Science Drive
TUNL Building, Room 414
Durham, NC 27708

TUNL Main Contact

Please contact Brenda West for all general inquires, room reservations, new visitor information, and TUNL events.
Office : Room 414, TUNL Building
Phone: 919-660-2600
Email: secretary@tunl.duke.edu


Please contact Shaun D. Diehl for general inquires, room reservations, and deliveries for DFELL/HIGS.
Office : Room 125, DFELL Building
Phone: 919-660-2681
Email: shaun.diehl@duke.edu


Calvin R. Howell is the director of TUNL. Please contact Brenda West to reach the director.
Office : Room 414, TUNL Building
Phone: 919-660-2600
Email: director@tunl.duke.edu

Safety Officer

Chris Westerfeldt is the Research Scientist incharge of radiation safety (RSO) at TUNL.
Office : Room 07, Physics Building
Phone: 919-660-2545
Pager: 919-970-3982
Email: rso@tunl.duke.edu

Computer Administrator

Alex Crowell is the TUNL system administrator. Please contact him regarding any issues related to computing. New computer accounts are also obtained by contacting the system administrator.
Office : Room 428, TUNL Building
Phone: 919-660-2639
Email: admin@tunl.duke.edu

Nuclear Data Evaluation

Prof. John Kelley is Principal Investigator for the Nuclear Data Evaluation project. Grace Sheu is the Project Coordinator. Please contact the Project Coordinator for any inquires regarding Nuclear Data Evaluation.
Office : Room 421, TUNL Building
Phone: 919-660-2698
Email: datacomp@tunl.duke.edu

REU Program

Prof. John Kelley is the Coordinator for the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program.
Office : Room 418, TUNL Building
Phone: 919-660-2631
Email: reu@tunl.duke.edu