HIGS . . .

The newest accelerator facility operated by TUNL is the HIGS at the Duke Free Electron Laser Laboratory (DFELL). The DFELL houses an accelerator based photon source in a 52,000 square-foot facility. There are two types of primary photon beams available at the DFELL: the HIGS with energies from 2 to 60 MeV and an optical beam with continuous tunable wavelength from IR to VUV. Both photon beam types are produced by an electron storage ring free electron laser (FEL) and its undulators.

HIGS Target Rooms

The existing HIGS target room is called the Gamma-Vault. The area of the Gamma-vault is approximately 900 square-feet. The beam passes along the center of the room at a height of approximatley 72 inches from the floor. The Gamma-vault has a removeable wall for access during installation and removal of large experimental equipment. The room has utilities for compressed air, compressed nitrogen, and de-ionized water. The room also has electrical connections for 115 V, 220 V, and 408 V (with three phases). The Gamma-vault has an overhead crane with one axis and capacity of 3 tons. There is also a smaller lift available for loads up to 1000 lbs.

A smaller target room called upstream target room (UTR, 21 feet long along the beam direction, 12 feet wide, and beam height of approximatley 49.5 inches) is also available for a majority of the experiments running below 20 MeV of gamma-ray energy. The UTR has stands for a number of HPGe detectors, includes a beam imager, and a large HPGe detector for beam monitoring. The UTR has a rolling door for placement or removal of large size objects.

Below, you will find links to layouts of the Gamma-vault, UTR, and a footprint of the target rooms with dimensions.

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