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3Li (1987TI07)


The previous compilation (1975FI08) listed a small number of references reporting on the four reactions discussed below. Only one of the experiments cited contained any evidence for a 3p resonance, and the discussion suggested that the observed enhancement in 3He(p, n) was more likely a final state interaction. In the work reported since (1975FI08) and listed below, only (1974POZN) contains any mention of the tri-proton, and no evidence for its existence was observed.

1. 2H(p, π-)3Li not observed

This reaction was studied at Eπ = 24 - 254 MeV (1979DA19) and Eπ = 585 MeV (1980CR03). No evidence for a 3p resonance was reported.

2. 3He(p, n)3Li not observed

Spectra obtained at Eπ = 22 and 25 MeV at θn = 3.5° - 40° (1974POZN) showed no structure indicative of formation of the tri-proton.

3. 3He(3He, t)3Li not observed

No work was reported on reaction 3.

4. 6Li(3He, 6He)3Li not observed

No work was reported on reaction 4.