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Palm Physics Page

** We no longer support this website.

This is a preliminary group of Palm applications/databases that are intended to serve the interests of atomic, nuclear and particle physics.


Periodic Table: Shareware version of the periodic table with basic chemical properties of the elements.(Download)

Particle Data Book: From the Particle Data Group at LBL. (Download)

Heavy Ion Fusion Calculator: Compute available energy, Coulomb energy, maximum angular momentum for compound nucleus, excitation energies, etc. (Download)

Databases for MobileDB-Lite database program
(You must install the MobileDB-Lite database program)

Nuclear Wallet Cards: The NNDC nuclear wallet cards converted to a searchable database. Includes mass excesses, lifetimes, spins, parities and decay modes. (Download)

Nuclear Wallet Cards for Radioactive Nuclides: This version of Nuclear Wallet Cards contains decay properties only of radioactive nuclides, with T1/2 ≥ 1 h and Z ≤ 100. (Download)

Nuclear Wallet Cards - Fundamental Constants: Select fundamental constants from the appendix of the NNDC Nuclear Wallet Cards. (Download)

X-Ray Emission Lines: LBL's little orange book of x-ray emission lines of the elements up to Uranium. (Download)

Periodic Table: Spread sheet summary of elements and their properties.

** We advise the reader that all data and/or applications provided on this site have not been evaluated by the TUNL Nuclear Data Evaluation Project.

** We no longer support this website.

Last modified: 16 June 2015