All talks are on Thursday at 2:00 pm in Room 298 of the Physics Building, unless otherwise noted. There is a reception prior to the talk at 1:45 pm in the TUNL lobby. If you have questions about the seminars, you can email the TUNL secretary or call (919)-660-2600. Chairman: John Kelley.
Chris Gould
North Carolina State University
Thursday, 06/23/2016, 02:00:PM, Physics 298
Are fundamental constants actually constant - nuclear physics and the Oklo natural nuclear reactors
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Paul Huffman
North Carolina State University
Thursday, 07/14/2016, 02:00:PM, Physics 298
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Werner Tornow
Duke University
Thursday, 07/21/2016, 02:00:PM, Physics 298
Past, current, and future research at KamLAND: The beginning of neutrino physics at TUNL
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No future seminars scheduled at this moment.