Or Hen
Short-Range Correlations in Nuclei
The atomic nucleus is one of the most complex strongly-interacting many-body Fermionic systems in nature. A main challenge in describing nuclei is understanding the short interparticle part of the nuclear wave function. Recent high-energy proton and electron scattering experiments show that short-range interactions between the nucleons form correlated, high-momentum, neutron-proton pairs, known as Short-Range Correlations (SRC). There measurements suggest that these correlations account for 20% of the nucleons in the nucleus, and 60-70% of the kinetic energy carried by nucleons in nuclei, thereby having large implications to the modification of the bound nucleon structure function and more. In this talk I will overview the experimental studies of SRC in nuclei and overview several intriguing theoretical developments. I will present new (unpublished) data on SRCs in asymmetric, neutron rich, nuclei and their implications for various phenomena ranging from the nuclear symmetry energy to the isospin dependence of the bound nucleon wave function.