Yongchi Xiao
Search for the decays of 113Ba
The search for new alpha-emitters in the region above 100Sn was carried out in Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) tandem accelerator in Tokai, Japan. This work aimed to discover 113Ba produced via the fusion- evaporation reaction 58Ni(58Ni,3n)113Ba and observation through its alpha-decay chain from 113Ba to 109Xe to 105Te and 101Sn. In the proof of principle experiment in March 2014, the alpha-decay chain of 109Xe was observed with Double-sided Silicon Strip Detector (DSSD) and digital electronics at JAEA Recoil Mass Separator (RMS). The first discovery-oriented 113Ba experiment was carried out in December 2014 searching for its alpha-decay, ground-state to ground-state beta-decay and beta-delayed charged particle emission. An estimate was made on the upper limit of half-life of 113Ba as well as the production cross section.