Alexander Leder
Rare Event Searches with Bolometers
Rare-event searches have played an integral part in exploring new physics beyond the Standard Model, offering us the chance to bridge the disparity between our current understanding and observed phenomena such as Dark Matter (DM) or neutrino masses. Over the past years these experiments have grown larger and more sophisticated, allowing us to probe new and exciting theories of the universe. At the same time, we have started to apply the technologies and techniques used in rare-event searches to more areas of applied physics, for example measuring Coherent Elastic Neutrino Nucleon Scattering (CENNS) from reactor neutrinos with Ricochet. In this talk I will discuss the hardware and analysis techniques required to design, construct, and extract results from these low background, rare-event searches. In particular, I will discuss the hardware and analysis related to the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS) and CENNS detection with Ricochet. In addition I will discuss the measurement of the effective nuclear quenching factor via shape analysis of the highly forbidden In-115 beta spectrum. The measurement of the effective value of this parameter has far reaching consequences for all neutrino-less double beta experiments regardless of isotope. For all these rare-event searches the simulation and characterization of possible backgrounds represents an important stepping stone to reaching both their physics and applied physics goals.