November 6-8, 2015, Durham, NC

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of TUNL

On the weekend of November 6 - 8, 2015, the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL) will celebrate 50 years of highly successful collaborative research. Everyone who has been a part of TUNL's program - former and present students, post-doctoral researchers, faculty, staff, research collaborators, and other friends of the laboratory - is invited. Come and join us!

What are we celebrating?
In November 1965 the US Atomic Energy Commission announced a $2.5M award for purchase of a new High Voltage Engineering Model FN tandem Van de Graaff accelerator. This began a thriving cooperative Duke, NC State, and UNC-Chapel Hill nuclear physics research program that continues to this day. Our 280+ doctoral graduates have gone on to distinguished careers in research, academia, government service, and private industry. TUNL's research achievements and these graduates are our legacy. Both accomplishments provide real reason to celebrate.

How will we celebrate?
We will begin on Friday afternoon with a program highlighting the wide variety of careers and accomplishments of TUNL's graduates. Following that, we will gather informally from 5 to 9 PM on Friday with a traditional NC barbecue and a laboratory-wide open house. On Saturday, a program of talks by faculty and past graduates will highlight both our history of five decades of significant nuclear physics accomplishments and our research plans for the future. At the Saturday evening banquet, graduates and friends will have the opportunity to share stories and reminiscences of their times spent at TUNL. A Sunday morning brunch in downtown Durham is planned to round out the weekend.

Where can you learn more?
Links at the top of this page lead to further information about: 1) the registration process, 2) the weekend program, 3) hotel information, and 4) directions to TUNL including a Duke campus and an area map showing key meeting venues, and parking information. Each of these resources will be updated as plans for the weekend are finalized.  If you have further questions, please send them by email to

This event is co-sponsored by: the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory and the Offices of the Provost at Duke University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.