1. Introduction to ROOT

a) Cint
b) Getting In and Out of Cint
c) Cint Environment (namespaces)
d) I/O in Cint
e) Variables in ROOT
f) Scripts
g) Functions
h) Compiled functions

2. ROOT Classes/Functions

a) Pointers in ROOT and Memory Management
b) TCanvas Class
c) TGraph Classes
d) TF1 Classes
e) Histogram Classes
f) Random Numbers
g) TMatrix
h) TFile class for I/O

3. Data Structures in ROOT

a) ROOT Trees (ntuples, creating trees and reading trees)
b) 1d-Cuts and Graphical Cuts (Create, Save, and Use)
c) Using Arrays in ROOT
d) Histogram Operations (Cuts, Fitting, Integral, Contents)
e) TPhysics (Lorentz Transforms, etc)
f) TMath (Special Functions)

4. GUIs in ROOT

a) TPad
b) TText, TLatex
c) TLine
d) TButton
e) TImage
f) TGTextEntry
g) gSystem

5. OOP in ROOT

a) Writing your own Classes
b) Using inheritances to construct class hierarchies
c) Compiling a shared object library of classes
d) Creating a stand-alone ROOT application
d) Using shell scripts and makefiles to compile ROOT applications

6. Physics With ROOT

a) Classcical Mechanics: Euler-Cromer Method
b) E and M: Relaxation and Diffusion, Parallel Plates/Waves
c) Quantum Mecanics: The Shooting Method and Square Well/HO
d) Statistical Mechanics: Monte Carlo Method and Ising Model