Constance Kalbach Walker



*    Senior Research Scientist
TUNL, Physics Department, Duke University

Contact Information:

*      Phone: 919-699-1360

*      Email:

*      Mail:
907 Cypress Grove Drive
Pompano Beach FL 33069

Research Interests:

*      Phenomenology of Nuclear Reactions

As one of the pioneers in the study of preequilibrium nuclear reactions, I have been active in the field for nearly 50 years, developing simple phenomenological models to describe these reactions. My computer code preco has evolved over this time and has been used around the world in both basic and applied research. My research has been conducted at the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory and constituted the TUNL Program on Nuclear Reaction Phenomenology. I am now largely retired, though still doing technical editing for TUNL.

Scientific Writing:

*      Basics of Scientific Writing

I have given classes at TUNL, covering some of the basic elements of scientific writing. These are designed to help our students and post-doctoral fellows develop a much-needed but often neglected professional skill.  PDF files of the two classes are available here: First Lecture (It's not about you!), and Second Lecture (Making it clear and easy).

Other Interests:

*      Christianity and Science

Having become a Christian in 1975, I have thought carefully about the relationship between the findings of science and the message of the Bible. I have given talks on the subject to student and church groups, often in partnership with my late husband, William D. Walker. Together we produced a 14,000 word booklet entitled The Heart and Hand of God: Perspectives on Christianity and Science. This booklet has been translated into French.


*      Writings and Life of Adolphe Monod

Adolphe Monod (1802-1856) was a renowned evangelical preacher in France and Switzerland who was sometimes referred to as “the voice of the Awakening.”  I have translated and edited seven volumes of his work.  These were published in 2002 (P&R Publishing), 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 (Solid Ground Christian Books), 2015 (Evangelical Press), and 2017 (in press with Solid Ground Christian Books). I was also the principal editor of a new French edition of Monod’s most famous work, Les Adieux (Cléon d'Andran: Éditions Excelsis / Aix-en-Provence: Éditions Kérygma) appearing in 2006, the book's sesquicentennial. A short, popular, book-length biography of Monod was published in 2013 by Evangelical Press as part of their series Bitesize Biographies.


*      Recording the Peace and Beauty of God’s Creation

I have a deep appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us in nature, placed there by a loving Creator. A few lovely, peaceful places have become special havens of rest and restoration for me, and I try to capture them in digital images, both for my own enjoyment and to share the beauty with others. Samples are posted from my winter vacations on Jekyll Island, Georgia and from trips to North Carolina’s Eno River State Park. Earlier pictures from the mountains near Durango, Colorado were taken with a much simpler camera.


*      Medical Missions in West Africa

A group of churches in French West Africa has found medical clinics to be an effective adjunct to their work in starting new churches, particularly in rural areas. Teams of doctors, nurses, and other volunteers from the U.S. go to West Africa for a week to run primary care clinics where little health care is available. The national church leaders select the location and make local arrangements for our teams, and they alone are responsible for follow-up. I have been able to take part in two such clinics, using my knowledge of French to do language interpretation. PDF files of reports, including a description of the work and a recounting of some amazing answers to prayer, are available for the trips in 2005 and 2007. I hope to return.


West Africa, July 2007






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