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In April, we returned to the mine to finish the installation process on the bottom level of the Outer Detector.

Installed PMTs
On the first two days, we installed the final 50 PMTs on the floor of the Outer Detector. A hanging LED can be seen as well
April 8, 2001

Hanging of the separator
Professor DeBraeckeleer and Kengo attach the Tyvek to the structure to create a separator between the side and bottom PMTs
April 9, 2001

A hanging LED pokes through the separator level for the purpose of calibrating the bottom PMTs
April 13, 2001

View of the compartmentalization
A split view of the compartmentalization of the Outer Detector
April 14, 2001

Under the sphere
We installed Tyvek on the very bottom of the sphere, as well as five PMTs and Tyvek on the floor
April 16, 2001

Tyvek on the floor
Tyvek was placed on the floor all the way out to the wall
April 18, 2001

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Last updated: June 13, 2001