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After the PMTs were prepped, Mitsui workers did the unenviable task of installing the top and side level PMTs - a total of 170 PMTs! In addition, plug construction was occuring at the same time. Soon thereafter, we started installing the Tyvek.

Installation complete! - for this side level PMT at any rate
December 5, 2000

Mitsui workers lift a PMT from the floor up through the scaffolding to one of the three lower side levels
December 6, 2000

Two workers must hold the PMT in place while a third quickly bolts it into position
December 6, 2000

The workers put the finishing touches on the PMT
December 6, 2000

A view from outside the KamLAND cavity down near the plug. At this point, the huge hole has been cemented in and the plug has been inserted
December 8, 2000

Watch us hang Tyvek.

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Last updated: June 13, 2001