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We started the Tyvek installation for the sides before cabling because we did not have our cables yet. We postponed installation when they arrived and then finished up the top and sides in January 2001.

Stapling sheets of tyvek together at the top
On the top level of scaffolding, Jason staples two neighborly sheets of Tyvek together for the side installation
December 13, 2000

Side Tyvek installed from top level
Diane rests after we finish installing the Tyvek across the upper side levels
December 13, 2000

Installing wire supports
On the first level, we used stainless steel wire to hold back the Tyvek. Here, Professor Karwowski and Jason work on attaching the wire to the wall
December 14, 2000

More wire supports
A closer view of the wire support as installed by Professor Karwowski
December 14, 2000

Ceiling Tyvek
A view of the Tyvek that was placed on the ceiling by Kengo and Professor DeBraeckeleer
January 2001

Chimney Tyvek
Here is a view of the chimney area. Also visible is the ceiling and side Tyvek
January 2001

Sphere and lower side Tyvek
The sphere has also been covered in Tyvek, as well as the 10 support beams
January 2001

1st level and side Tyvek meet
Considerable time was spent by Diane and Kengo to ensure separation of the top and side regions. This can be seen by the effort to seal the first level separator with the side Tyvek
February 2001

Continue on with our cabling prowess.

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Last updated: June 13, 2001