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On this page are the status reports that members of the Outer Detector group has prepared for the May 2002 video conference call. The reports are grouped into four categories, according to their relation to various aspects of the Outer Detector. The Outer Detector group consists of the TUNL universities of North Carolina State University, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina, and of the University of Hawaii.

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Overview of OD Status Reports by Diane Markoff

Hardware Maintenance and Use Manuals
Outer Detector Water Filling System by Kengo Nakamura
KamLAND High Voltage Control Manual by Kengo Nakamura
LED Calibration Hardware by Jelena Maricic

Optimization of Data Run Parameters
A Study of Discriminator Thresholds by Kengo Nakamura
NSUM Parameters via Real and Simulated Data by Jason Messimore

Calibration and Waveform Analysis
Waveform Analysis Report by Jelena Maricic
Calibration Report for the KamLAND Outer Detector by Jelena Maricic
Waveform Plots obtained by the LED calibration system comparing peaks and occupancies for a given LED bias voltage

Simulations to Understand Detector Parameters, Data, and Muon Induced Backgrounds
Coming Soon!!

Last updated: April 26, 2002