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Monte-Carlo Input

The pit is a cylinder with a height of 20 meters and 20 meters in diameter with the dome on the top. We assume that dome is filled with air.

The sphere is 18 meters in diameter and its center is located at the center of they cylindrical part of the pit.

The sphere, walls, and sphere legs are covered with TYVEK. Sphere thickness is 6mm on the top, gradually increasing to 17 mm near the bottom.

The sphere support consists of 15 legs with diameter of 0.5 m each, located next to equator.

The diameter of the chimney is 3 meters.

The location of the PMT's is:

  • 20 vertical lines of 6 PMT's on the wall relative to the equator ± 3.5m, ± 5.5m, and ± 7.5m.
  • 50 PMT's on the top on three rings of 8, 6, and 4 meters radius where there are 20 PMT's on the first ring, 20 on the 2nd, and 10 on the 3rd.
  • 55 PMT's on bottom of four rings of 8, 6, 4, and 2 meters radius where there are 20 PMT's on the first rings, 20 on the 2nd, 10 on the 3rd, and 5 on the 4th.

    The general view of the apparatus is shown with dimensions.

    The PMT drawing is shown.

    The Photocatode efficiency is shown.

    The Photoelectron collection efficiency is assumed to be 50%.

    The attenuation length of water is shown.

    The reflectivity of Tyvek is shown, and assumed to be the same for all incoming angles.

    The Mu-shield mesh transparency is 87%. Mesh with light cone shown.

    We neglect for the first step all PMT support (such as cables, holders, bars...).

    Last updated: August 19, 1999