TUNL GEANT4 Tutorial Course for Beginners

June 22-24, 2009 in the TUNL Reading Room

We will have a GEANT4 tutorial course for beginners at TUNL this summer. The tutorial sessions will include an introduction to the structure of the GEANT4 code including geometry and physics modules and instructions on running the code. The course is in a format of combined lectures and hands-on activities designed for participants with no or little prior knowledge of GEANT4. Familiarity with C++ is highly recommended.

The course will be held from June 22nd through 24th (from 10-12 and 1:30-3:30) in the TUNL Reading Room. There will be two sessions per day with the afternoon session concentrating on applications and activities. Note that the number of participants will be limited by the available space. This class is already FULL.

The participants will log onto TUNL computers to run GEANT4 during the hands-on sessions. Requirements for participation include the following:

1. Have use of a laptop during class. It will be used as a 'terminal'. (See below for software requirements)

2. Have a TUNL computing account. Contact Alex Crowell (crowell@tunl.duke.edu) for computing needs.

Questions about the course may be directed to Shigeyuki Tajima (tajima@tunl.duke.edu)

Required computer softwares

Verify your software instalation here by running a GEANT4 program.

Class Schedule (slides to be posted)

June 22 (Mon)
June 23 (Tue)
June 24 (Wed)
Many of the slides are coutesy of SLAC GEANT4 Team.